I´m in my early thirties.
I love doing creative things.

During the last decade of my life, I used to work as a hotel manager and wedding planner in our family owned castle located in the German Ore Mountains.

To escape the routines of passionate hospitality, I always loved to explore different countries around the world. Especially hiking through the mountains and feeling the remoteness of the Scottish Highlands strengthen my inner satisfaction.

It happened one day my husband and I suddenly had the opportunity to buy a plot of land in the Outer Hebrides. Admittedly, after our wedding 2018 on Harris, we fell under its spell.

Now, we’re working on our dream combining our individual passions and abilities to bring a personal project to life.


If you love my creative designs and work as much as I do, please let me know. Feel free to contact me with any issue – we surely could make something great together. Use the e-mail below if you feel formal or simply drop me a casual message via instagram.