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100% Harris Tweed

I’ve always loved doing needleworks when I was a child. Growing up in a small village with strong traditions for woodcarving and lace-making, I started with the latter. I learned how to make tablecloths, window pictures or hangings. I enjoyed it very much.

Years later, several trips to Scotland took me back to handicrafts when I discovered Harris Tweed.

Harris Tweed – as a remarkable product from the Western Isles – was fundamental in making TWEED STORIES alive. Feeling and perceiving the endless variety of this handwoven fabric, I rediscovered my passion for creative handicrafts. Designing beautiful little things with this storytelling wool brings me joy.

Last week my latest Harris Tweed order arrived. I was very happy with my choice of this fresh green coloured fabric. I started making some oven gloves for Easter. I hope you like them 😉

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